About Us

Uniquely tailored furniture solutions, stunning designs, premium quality materials and high-grade craftsmanship are the core tenets at Lifestyle Interior. Our industry experience, highly skilled workforce and robust production facilities combine to create furniture that espouses art, elegance and function. 

After the company’s genesis in 1997, we have become an established player in the industry, epitomising furniture production. Our growth has allowed us to diversify our product portfolio to include cutting edge TV consoles, kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, shoe cabinets and display cabinets. We have also expanded our industrial-scale production facilities to almost 29,000 square feet of space, purposefully built to create sublime works of art.

Lifestyle Interior has drawn inspiration from the world of luxurious, high calibre design. Our partnership with leading designers has created unrivalled products that showcase our production capabilities and their design mastery. A combination of their creativity and our expertise ensures that the finished products are tastefully made with industry-leading machinery and high-quality material. Our deliverables are our interpretation of an artisan’s ethos. We draw from a plethora of inspirations to bring you pieces that elicit emotions representative of a masterpiece that makes you feel at home. 

We achieved ISO 9001 certification, a globally recognised quality standard, for our commitment to excellence, ingenuity and quality customer relationships. We believe in continuously reinventing ourselves and providing premium quality services because our clients deserve the best. We pride ourselves on fine attention to detail to generate products that are extraordinarily pristine. A home furnished by Lifestyle Interior showcases sophistication, finesse and warmth without compromising authenticity.

Our Goal

Lifestyle Interior aims to create a catalogue that is a synergy of premium quality material, high aesthetic design and functionality.  We aim to create a furnishing solution for every interior design wish that you may have. At Lifestyle Interior, we will continue to diversify our product portfolio to suit all lifestyle requirements worldwide. We strive to become industry leaders in interiors and furnishings through experience, advanced production process, and continuous innovative desire. Our vision is that our brand becomes synonymous with sophistication, perfection and transcendence.

How We Work

We work to fulfil our client’s wishes. Our highly skilled team seeks to understand your vision and execute it to perfection. Lifestyle Interior helps construct your dream project. Our detailed, easy-to-follow plans help our clients understand every step of how we will be executing the furniture supply, orienting the furniture and its pricing. We combine high-grade material and state of the art equipment with skilled craftsmen who perform finishing touches to ensure the final product embodies perfection. To maintain the quality of our products, we employ stringent quality control checks during every stage of production to certify that our clients get the best outcome.